LS 2150 Active Series L-band Splitter


Features & Benefits

• Convenient, centralized rack mount designs improve cable management.

• Microstrip design provides better performance and reliability.

• Larger configurations eliminate cascaded combiners for better performance.

• Custom configurations for optimization of rack space and increased flexibility.

• Greatly improves cable management and aesthetics by allowing for easy access to cable routing and easing identification of cabling.

• Reduces cable connector failures by eliminating the need for frequent manual connects/disconnects.


LS 2150 Active Series RF Splitters

The LS 2150 series of active (unity gain or zero loss) L-band (950- 2150 MHz) RF splitters permit simple splitting of RF signals to multiple destinations. Configurations available from 2 to 64 ports, including dual and quad units. A variety of powering options and features are available. Active units will power LNBs. The active splitters are DC blocked on all outputs.


LS 2150A Specifications





Front LS 2150 RF Active Splitter

LS Rear