December 1, 2021 - Indiana, PA

Quintech Electronics & Communications Joins the Digital IF Interoperability (DIFI) Consortium


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Indiana, Pennsylvania —December 1, 2021

Quintech Electronics & Communications Joins the Digital IF Interoperability (DIFI) Consortium

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Quintech Electronics, an Evertz company, announced today that it has joined the DIFI Consortium, an independent space industry group formed to advance interoperability in satellite and ground system networks.

Quintech joins a growing roster of leading organizations in the space industry coming together to form the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium. These organizations are contributing to the innovation of digital transformation of space, satellite and related space technologies for the benefit of the industry.
According to Quintech’s President Frank Elling,

Quintech products and system solutions are designed for high reliability and maximized uptime providing years of maintenance free service. We emphasize the design and development of superior RF signal management and Digital IF products to provide the highest quality systems and solutions for our valued customers, particularly in the Government and Military space.



January 21, 2021 - Indiana, PA

Quintech Matrix Switch Certified For Use In MET WGS Terminals

Indiana, Pennsylvania —January 21, 2021

– Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc., an Evertz company and world leader in the design and manufacture of RF matrix switches for broadcasters, satellite, and broadband networks, announced the XTREME-256 matrix switch is certified for use in METs WGS Terminals.

Quintech Electronics is pleased to inform you that their XTREME-256 matrix switch was certified by Aberdeen Proving Grounds to operate in the AN/GSC-52B Modernization of Enterprise Terminal (MET) Ka and X band Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) stations. The MET station with the XTREME-256 matrix was tested and certified by the U.S. Army Forces Strategic Command (ARSTRAT) as compliant with MIL-STD-188-164BCN1 standard for operation with wideband satellites for both uplinks and downlinks.

The XTREME-256 matrix is a flexible matrix switch which can be offered as a symmetric 128x128 or asymmetric fan-out 96x160 or 64x192 and fan-in 160x96 or 192x64 in a 12 RU chassis. Designed for high reliability, the matrix provides redundant and hot swappable power supplies, controllers and fans, hot swappable switch cards, and a dedicated redundancy switch path. The matrix also has independently controlled input and output gain/attenuation, allowing signal adjustment for varying cable lengths.

Multiple controls of the XTREME-256 are available. Included are a front panel touch screen display, embedded web browser GUI, SNMP and API over TCP/IP that is compatible with many third party NMS systems. The remote control is proven cyber hardened, with remote security scans showing no high level vulnerabilities.

The XTREME-80 and XTREME-32 matrix switches are smaller matrices which use the same HW and control as the XTREME-256. The XTREME-80 is available as symmetric 32x32 or fan-out 16x64 or 20x24 or fan-in 64x16 or 24x20 in a 2RU chassis. The XTREME-32 is available as symmetric 16x16 or fan-out 8x24 or 4x28 or fan-in 24x8 or 28x4 in a 1RU chassis. The XTREME-32H is a dual matrix with both fan-out 8x8 and fan-in 8x8 matrix switches in a 1 RU chassis. All XTREME matrices are cyber hardened.

“The XTREME-256, -80 and -32 share the same innovative technologies that offer customers unprecedented choices in size, fan-out and fan-in configuration, LNB power and fiber optic receive (RX) options,” says Keith Blystone, Quintech Electronics’ Government Account Director. “These product lines have built-in local control that runs concurrently with the standard Web browser, SNMP, and API over TCP remote controls. The XTREME input and output gain controls made aligning the terminal for varying cable lengths much faster, resulting in quicker installation times and time to operation.”

More information about the Quintech XTREME-256, -80, and -32 matrix switches is available at:

About Quintech Quintech Electronics ( is a leading manufacturer of RF signal management equipment. Quintech produces RF matrix switches, routers, lab management and automation software, redundancy switches, relay switches, splitters, combiners, amplifiers, and DC powering products. These products are available for L-band, IF-band, Broadband, and Wireless frequencies that are used in Satellite, Broadcast, Government/Military, and Wireless Test & Measurement Markets. QUINTECH ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 250 Airport Road • Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA • 15701 • 724-349-1412

About Evertz Evertz Technologies Limited (TSX: ET) designs, manufactures and markets video and audio infrastructure solutions for the television, telecommunications and new-media industries. Evertz provides complete end-to-end cloud solutions to content creators, broadcasters, specialty channels and television service providers to support their increasingly complex multi-channel digital, ultrahigh definition (UHD) and next generation high bandwidth low-latency IP network environments. Evertz' solutions enable its customers to generate additional revenue while reducing costs through the more efficient signal routing, distribution, remote production, monitoring and management of content as well as the automation and orchestration of more streamlined and agile workflow processes on-premise and in the “Cloud”. For additional information, visit
Press Contact: Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc. (724) 349-1412 Evertz Microsystems 1-877-995-3700

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