Features & Benefits

• Directly mount to antenna structure or other outdoor locations

• WP Weatherproof version does not require secondary enclosure

• Wide frequency range for extended L–band, over-the-air DTV and other signals

• Protocol–independent design transports all modulation formats

• DC pass–through and 13V DC modes for LNB power

• LNB current limit & short circuit protection

• LNB current monitoring

• Minimizes coaxial cable length for superior CNR performance

• 22 kHz tone on/off for LNB local oscillator control

• RF monitor output for signal peaking and signal distribution

• Manually adjustable or AGC gain modes

• Tri–color LED status indicators for Link RF drive strength, LNB voltage and DC input voltage level

• SmartMON™ capability provides remote status monitoring via SNMP without a separate data connection

• Fiber link provides electrical isolation between antenna and facility mitigating ground loop and lightning issues

• GPS antenna systems

L–Band Outdoor Fiber Transmitter with VistaLINK®

The 2400ODU provides a convenient, pre-integrated package for fiber transport of satellite and other signals within the extended L-band range. Contained in a compact, weatherproof enclosure are up to four 2408LT fiber optic transmitters and a 2400PSU-8 power supply. This provides the needed equipment to transport up to four RF signals over individual fibers and power the connected LNBs. The 2400ODU may be conveniently mounted directly on or near the antenna structure.




2400 Specifications