Broadcast & Cable

Broadcast and Cable

Since 1989, Quintech Electronics & Communication, Inc. has been manufacturing RF matrix routers and signal management equipment for the Broadcast and Cable Industry. Our products are integral to the Network Operation Centers (NOC’s) of the world’s premier content providers. Our RF designs and solutions allow for reliable signal management in a high-density, modular and compact system. Quintech’s RF matrix switching systems provide optimal control and signal performance, automated path redundancy and signal level monitoring. The company’s products include Cable, HFC and L-band matrix switches that are configurable from symmetric 16x16 to 2048x2048 systems. Compact asymmetric switches such as 48x208 or 208x48 are available in a single 12 RU 256 port chassis with industry leading flatness. As well as, RF splitters, combiners and DOCSIS HFC RF over Fiber transmission products are available. Quintech RF signal management solutions facilitate the automation of complex satellite earth station reception and transmission requirements necessary for the modern broadcast and CATV, HFC industries.


RF Matrix Router: 

Quintech’s QRM2500 matrix switching systems provide routing of L-band 950 to 2150 MHz, broadband 50 to 1000 MHz and IF-band 50 to 200 MHz. The QRM2500 is available in Input/Output configurations from 8X8 up to 32x32. 

Network Operations Center (NOC):

Quintech provides a full line of RF signal management equipment that allows the modern Network Operations Center to distribute RF signals with reliability, flexibility and transparency.


The Modulo chassis is a 5 RU frame with a variety of modules, including: Splitters, Combiners, Amplifiers, Redundancy Switches, as well as Optical Receivers and Transmitters. The signals can be RF, or RF over fiber, fully supporting DOCSIS 3.1. It offers SNMP support for active products.

Headend RF and Optical Signal Management:

Quintech offers RF and fiber solutions for headends from the satellite dish to the encoder. Fiber optic products will ensure a low signal loss to the building. RF signal management products will route your signals to various destinations. 

RF Splitters & Combiners:

Quintech’s active splitters and combiners include internal amplifiers to compensate for the splitter loss and have available gain/tilt compensation for long cable runs. They have a range of DC or AC powering options. The splitters and combiners are 950-2150 MHz or 5-1000 MHz with both active and passive available. 

Interfacility Fiber Link (IFL)

Quintech offers a variety of fiber link solutions for interfacility signal distribution. Compact wall mount transmitters and receivers to card based rack mount chassis are available. 

Satellite Lightning Protection:

Quintech’s rack mount lightning protection panel is an inexpensive way to protect your RF equipment. Each compact 2 RU panel offers L-Band lightning protection for up to 12 feeds.