Q-LAAMP: Quintech Electronics’ proprietary Laboratory Automation And Management Platform, Q-LAAMP provides lab managers the ability to manage and allocate resources such as base stations and RF instruments among many shared users. Using the NEXUS RF Matrix, this software manages resource allocation to labs and users without a patch panelA Patch Panel is an assembly of coaxial adapters to connect RF cables to provide the possibility of easy recabling of parts of a system. and manual operations. Its web-based user interface provides easy access from any PC or tablet browser. Vendors and technicians can login to Q-LAAMP using their existing accounts through RADIUS Server Authentication. Q-LAAMP also includes other intuitive features that facilitate testing, monitoring and troubleshooting. Q-LAAMP makes lab management and resource sharing easy and significantly increases lab efficiency, reducing test time with increased cost savings and time to market. 


  • Schedule and resource management, user access logging allows trend analysis and capacity planning
  • Enables multiple vendors to share the same lab environment
  • Shared resources can be independently allocated and billed for each vendor
  • Secure remote controlA remote control is a functionality which allows the user to interact between the devices without touching them. This can be done via a remote protocol e.g. SNMP or Leitch. and access to Q-LAAMP to avoid unauthorized changes
  • Supports local and RADIUS server-based user Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) management
  • Color-coded port level monitoring allows quick troubleshooting
  • Automated test procedures for high repeatability and decreased test time
  • Port labeling to avoid confusion in a multi-user changing lab environment

Test Applications:

  • Manage access of base stations and shared instruments among many users
  • Provision of access of resources as a service that requires billing support
  • Allocation of resource and time to different groups of users
  • Network mobility test with complex mobility scenarios