• Signal Management Solutions

    Quintech is the global leader in the design and manufacture of L-band, RF and RF over Fiber signal management solutions. These solutions are integral to telecommunications operators world-wide. Reliable signal management in the most efficient and highest density systems available. Quintech equips the modern teleport with all requirements including diversity solutions, allowing our customers to provide the highest Quality of Service and optimizing operations.  

  • Satellite Communications

    Superior RF Solutions for the Next Generation Teleport

    Quintech Electronics and DEV Systemtechnik design, engineer and manufacture the most powerful RF Matrix Switches in the smallest form factor for the modern Teleport and Earth Station. Our RF and RF over Fiber Signal Management offerings include HTS and Ka-Band Diversity Site Solutions providing our customers the highest level Quality of Service and Redundancy.

  • Broadcast and Cable

    Infrastructure Solutions for The Converged Network

    Quintech and DEV design the optimal RF matrix for the Converged Global Network.  Our RF and Fiber optic offerings for Broadcast and Cable include HFC Solutions for the worldwide DOCSIS 3.1 network upgrades.  Un-matched redundancy is provided with our (up to 100 KM) Ka-Band and Diversity Site Solutions.  

  • HFC Headends

    Maximize your Existing Infrastructure

    Quintech and DEV design & engineer a complete range of products for the optical and electrical transmission of RF signals for existing HFC Networks and Cable Headends.  We provide superior quality Up- and Downstream transmission. Our "MODULO" solutions meet all the requirements of the next generation HFC Head-end facility, fully supporting DOCSIS 3.1 and future upgrades.

  • Wireless Test & Measurement

    Testing Infrastructure of the Networked Society

    Interoperability, coexistence and testing of current and emerging standards.  Quintech's NEXUS technology (600-6000 MHz) provides the emulation of free space in a controlled environment.  Automate mobility testing, validate future and legacy network integration, and manage your lab resources with our proprietary Q-LAAMP automation software.  

  • Government & Military

    RF Signal Management Meets Evolving Complexity

    Quintech works in close collaboration with our Government & Military customers.  Together we research and solve the challenges of today's communications landscape.  Our energy efficient designs Maximize Performance while providing the Highest Reliability and most powerful switching in the Smallest Form Factor.  Our solutions are found around the world in C4ISR, Maritime and other mission critical applications.